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Majority of Democrats in key midterm state oppose banning noncitizens from voting in local elections: new poll

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A new poll released Wednesday showed a majority of Democrats in Ohio overwhelmingly oppose banning individuals who aren’t U.S. citizens from voting in local elections, just weeks before voters will decide whether to approve a ballot initiative seeking such a ban.

According to the Spectrum News/Siena College poll, 54% of Democrats say they would oppose ‘a state constitutional amendment that would prohibit local governments from allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections,’ while just 43% said they would support it.


On the other side of the political divide, 72% of Republicans said they would support such an amendment, with just 28% saying they would oppose it. 

Of that 72%, 65% said they ‘strongly support’ the amendment.

Those who identified as independents or members of another party also overwhelmingly said they would support the amendment, with 60% saying they were in favor of it and just 34% saying they opposed it.

In total, 59% of Ohio voters, regardless of party, said they would support an amendment banning noncitizen voting, while just 38% said they would oppose it.

When split by gender, 60% of both men and women said they would support such a measure, while 38% of men and 36% of women said they would oppose it.

When broken down by race, White voters would support it 62%-36%, and Black voters would support it 51%-46%

Majorities of all age groups, education and income levels also said they would support such an amendment.

Noncitizens are permitted to vote in a few cities across the U.S., as well as 14 smaller jurisdictions, including New York City, whose city council voted last year to allow such voting in local elections.

Voting on Ohio’s ballot initiative, officially called the Ohio Issue 2, Citizenship Voting Requirement Amendment, will take place in conjunction with the midterm elections Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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