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DeSantis and Rubio hold strong leads in Florida gubernatorial, Senate races, up by double digits with Latinos

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A new poll showed Republicans in Florida with strong leads in the gubernatorial and Senate races just weeks ahead of the November midterm elections.

According to the poll of likely voters conducted by Spectrum News/Siena College, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis leads his Democratic opponent, Congressman Charlie Crist, 49% to 41%, while Sen. Marco Rubio lead his Democratic challenger, Congresswoman Val Demings, 48% to 41%.

Notably, strong majorities of Latino voters also favored the Republican candidates by double digits, with DeSantis garnering 53% support to Crist’s 37% and Rubio with 55% support to Demings’ 32%.

When it came to the issue most important to voters as they make their decision at the polls, the economy, including inflation and cost of living, came out on top with 39%, followed by threats to democracy at 16%.

A majority of voters (55%) felt the state was on the right track, while just 34% felt it was heading in the wrong direction. Those feelings were reversed when it came to the U.S. as a whole, with 28% saying it was on the right track and 63% that it was heading in the wrong direction.

About 43% of voters approved of the job President Biden was doing, well below the 54% that disapproved.

Fox News’ Power Rankings rate the Florida gubernatorial race as ‘likely Republican’ and the Senate race as ‘lean Republican.’

The elections will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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