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Biden approval remains underwater as 69% say US heading in wrong direction: poll

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President Biden’s approval rating continues to struggle among Republicans and independents with as many as 69% of Americans expressing the opinion that the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, according to a Marist Poll released Thursday.

Biden’s approval rating has been on a steady increase over the last three months with 44% of Americans saying they support the job he is doing. 

The president’s approval jumped up three points from September, and disapproval among American poll takers shrank by five points, dropping to 49% from 54% last month. 

Some 24% of poll takers ‘strongly approve’ of how Biden is doing while 40% ‘strongly disapprove.’

Biden’s highest approval rating was obtained in March, with 47% of the country giving the stamp of approval for how he has done. 

However, while the president has gained back support among the Democratic base, Americans overall still believe the nation is moving in the wrong direction. 

‘While a majority of Democrats 52 percent perceive the nation to be moving in the right direction, 91 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of independents say the country is off track,’ the poll found. 

The latest poll comes as elected officials prepare for midterm elections next month. 

According to the Marist findings, Democrats hold a three-point advantage over Republican candidates. 

Three in four Americans said they are ‘confident or very confident in their state and local government to run a fair and accurate election.’

Additionally, 49% of American believe that if their candidate of choice loses their race, they should ‘definitely concede the election.’

Another 30% believe their candidate should ‘probably concede’ while 11% think they ‘probably should not’ concede, and 6% think they ‘definitely should not.’

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