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Capitol Police investigating letter with ‘concerning language’ found in Rep. Bennie Thompson’s office

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U.S. Capitol Police are investigating a letter with ‘concerning language’ that may have arrived to the Capitol in a letter addressed to January 6th Committee Chairman Benny Thompson, D-Miss.

After initial reports that a ‘suspicious substance’ was being investigating, Capitol Police later said that powder was not found inside the letter.

‘This afternoon Congressional staff inside the Rayburn House Office Building reported that they received a letter with concerning language. We just screened it and determined it not to have anything dangerous inside. Powder was not found inside,’ the statement read.

Offices near Thompson’s in the Rayburn House Office Building were told to shelter in place, and around six police officers were seen outside Thompson’s door. An all clear was given later Tuesday.

The incident comes two days before Thompson is scheduled to preside over the 10th January 6 Committee hearing.

‘Our investigators take all concerning statements and threats seriously. They are now working to determine who sent the letter and why,’ it continued.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram and Kelly Phares contributed to this report.

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