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Biden admin set to warn of threats to nation’s election security: report

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The Biden administration is set to issue warnings this week about threats to the nation’s election security ahead going into the November midterms. 

People familiar with the matter told Politico that national security officials will release an internal intelligence bulletin highlighting cyber threats posed by China, Russia, and non-state actors as well physical threats to election officials.

During a press conference earlier Monday, FBI Director Christopher Wray alluded to foreign governments that pose a major threat to U.S. elections.

‘The threat of any nation-state to our election system to influence, to interfere is something that we all have to remain vigilant about. In many ways, malign foreign influence – whether it’s from the Chinese government, the Russian government, or other governments – is not just an election cycle issue, but a  365-day-a-year problem,’ Wray said. 

The anticipated bulletin comes after reports of alleged voter intimidation in Arizona over the past week, including an instance on Friday when two armed individuals dressed in tactical gear were onsite at the county’s Mesa ballot drop box.

Voting that is now underway in many states through Election Day on Nov. 8. For most voters, casting a ballot is still likely to be trouble-free. But the new voting procedures and political dynamics since the last presidential election already are having an effect in some parts of the country.

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, meanwhile, also has said it is monitoring for violations of election laws that prohibit discrimination or intimidation of voters based on race, color, national origin, religion or language. Violence or threats of violence or intimidation against any voter at a polling place should first be reported to police via 911, then to the department at 1-800-253-3931 or

Fox News Digital has reached out to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security for comment. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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