Toronto Stock Exchange halts trading after technical issue

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The Toronto Stock Exchange halted all trading in the morning following a technical issue, which the exchange’s operator noted impacted its stocks markets. The incident happened just after the opening bell.

According to TMX Group, the bourse’s operator, trading stopped across all markets – TSX, TSXV, and Alpha. The halt was due to an issue with the TSX order entry, TMX said in a statement, highlighting affected market symbol ranges from M to S.

The TMX Group tweeted:

“Toronto Stock Exchange is currently experiencing a connection issue with the TSX Order Entry symbol range M – S. We are currently investigating and will provide update ASAP.”

The stock exchange hit the snag at around 10 am local time, and a notice circulated afterwards stated that the operator had worked to resolve the issue. It expected trading to resume around 11:10 am EDT.

We experienced a technical issue this morning that impacted client connectivity on our equities markets (TSX, TSXV, and Alpha). We have worked to resolve and markets are now in a pre-open state and preparing to open at 11:10 a.m. EDT.

— TMX Group (@TMXGroup) November 1, 2022

The latest outage for the stock exchange follows a similar incident in February 2020, which TMX had at the time put down to heavy trading dragging the system. TMX also experienced a technical outage resulting from hardware failure in 2018.

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