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Schiff won’t say whether he’d comply with GOP subpoena, will ‘consider the validity’

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Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff on Sunday would not state whether he would comply with a subpoena should Republicans issue him one when they take control of the House of Representatives.

Schiff, current chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made the remarks on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ when asked about the possibility.

‘We’ll have to consider the validity of the subpoena,’ the Schiff said. ‘But I would certainly view my obligation, administration’s obligation to follow the law. And the fact that they have disrespected the law is not a precedent I would hope that would be broadly followed. But we’ll have to look at the legitimacy or lack of legitimacy of what they do.’

With Republicans set to take control of the House of Representatives, Schiff claimed that Republican Reps. Kevin McCarthy, who is seeking to become Speaker of the House, and James Comer, the incoming House Oversight Committee chair, do not believe in recent congressional investigations, including on former President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and into the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

‘[Reps. James] Comer and [Jim] Jordan and [Kevin] McCarthy will do nothing but carry Donald Trump’s water,’ Schiff said.


Schiff also responded to McCarthy’s vow to remove him and other Democrats from House committees, slamming the California Republican as having ‘no core set of beliefs’ while also painting a picture of McCarthy struggling to obtain the necessary 218 votes to become speaker. 

‘McCarthy’s problem is not with what I said about Russia,’ Schiff said. ‘McCarthy’s problem is that he cannot get to 218 without Marjorie Taylor Green and Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz.’

‘And so he will do whatever they ask,’ he continued. ‘Right now, they are asking that I be removed from my committees and McCarthy is willing to do it.’

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