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‘TAKE OUR NATION BACK’: Rising GOP star Katie Britt has a game plan for Republicans to rebound in 2024

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EXCLUSIVE: Alabama Senator-elect Katie Britt has a game plan that she says will help Republicans ‘take our nation back’ in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Speaking with Fox News Digital ahead of what ended up being the latest high profile GOP loss in the Georgia Senate runoff election, Britt was optimistic that Republicans and Americans as a whole were on the same page when it came to wanting new leaders in office who actually came up with solutions rather than just talked about the issues, and that the party would carry that message to younger generations of voters.

Britt also touted the work she had done following her June Republican primary victory in deep-red Alabama, traveling around the country to boost GOP Senate candidates in tight races, something that quickly cemented her status as a national political player.

‘It’s critically important that we operate as a team. In order to win we have got to all get on the same page and make sure that we get our message to voters. And so whatever role that I can play in that, you better believe you can count me in,’ Britt said.

Britt used her past fundraising success as a Senate candidate — which at one point saw her rake in an impressive $2.2 million in just the first three weeks of her general election campaign — to help the Republican Senate candidates in Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington, Oklahoma, Missouri and New Hampshire. 

Her campaign, alongside the Mighty Alabama Strike Force, an organization focused on turning out Republican votes, deployed a massive get out the vote effort for the Georgia runoff to boost Republican nominee Herschel Walker.

Her efforts ultimately did not come to fruition, as Democrats secured a 51-seat majority with Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock’s win over Walker in Georgia. However, a number of candidates she did support ended up winning their races, including North Carolina Senator-elect Ted Budd and Ohio Senator-elect JD Vance.

Britt emphasized that money brought in through fundraising really can make the difference when it comes to reaching the voters necessary to winning elections.

‘We’ve seen Democrats outraise Republicans, and so we know that every dollar counts, and we need all hands on deck when it comes to that because you have to have dollars to be able to get that message out,’ she said. 

‘We believe that now is the time to have all hands on deck. And so we want to be a team player. I want to make sure that I’m doing everything I can to ensure… we are poised to take back the majority in 2024,’ she added.

When asked about Republicans’ performance in the November general election falling below expectations, Britt said she was excited to be a member of the party’s new advisory council being set up to assess its shortcomings and lay out its vision moving into 2024 and beyond.

‘I believe we need new blood. We need fresh blood. That’s why I got in this race and what Alabamians responded to. They wanted someone who is going to fight for our values and fight for our people. And so we’ve got to do a good job, and a better job of getting our message out,’ she said. 

‘We are the party of faith, family, freedom and opportunity. We missed being able to get that message to some of the younger generation, so we’ve got to reconfigure how we do that,’ she added. 

Britt said she had been intentional about reaching out to younger groups of voters throughout her Senate campaign and that the conversation about the party’s values and interest in protecting the ‘foundation and building blocks of our nation’ needed to be elevated in a way that the next generation could understand.

‘Americans are looking for people to actually create results. We see that in our state. Alabamians don’t want someone who just talks about the issues. They want someone who actually creates solutions, actually steps up and says how do you create solutions, create a conversation to where we can take our nation back,’ she said. 

‘That’s what Americans are expecting, that’s what Republicans want, and that’s what we’re going to do between now and 2024,’ she added.

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